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FALL 2018 – SPRING 2019

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25 FWMTA Open House, 9:30am-12:00pm, Ed Landreth Reception Room at TCU

13 Fall Festival: Jazz and Classical Registration Deadline (online registration: click here)
14 Student Affiliate Enrollment Deadline
22 Composition Clinic: Private Lessons with Dr. Martin Blessinger at Steinway Hall

Open Recital at Texas Wesleyan University, Martin Hall
11 Fall Theory Test Registration Deadline
13 Fall Festival: Jazz and Classical at TCU, Ed Landreth Hall
15 Original Composition Contest Deadline for Entry

3 Student Affiliate Late Enrollment Deadline (Fee Assessed)
Fall Theory Test at Broadway Baptist Church
10 Open Recital with Forum at Texas Wesleyan University, Martin Hall
TBD Chamber Music Clinic: piano and instrumental at TCC-NE.  Joint event with Mid-cities MTA and TCC-NE.  Presenter: TBD
TBD Original Composition Contest Recital at Steinway Hall

Youth Duo Piano Competition Registration Deadline
1 Open Christmas Recital, with Christmas hymns, carols, duets, and winners of Original Composition Contest
Local Publication Competition Deadline
Local Video Contest Deadline
30 Student Affiliate Extended Late Enrollment Deadline (Fee Increased)

TBD Original Composition Contest State Deadline
10 Spring Theory Test Registration Deadline
19 Local Performance Contest Registration Postmark (click here for application form)
19 Masterclass – POSTPONED
26 RESCHEDULED FROM JAN 19: Open Recital at Texas Wesleyan University, Martin Hall

State Publication Competition Deadline
State Video Contest Deadline
2 Teacher Workshop with composer Timothy Brown
State and Local Piano Ensemble Team Intent Form and Fees Postmark Date
Spring Theory Test at Broadway Baptist Church
Local Performance Contest at Texas Christian University
9 Youth Duo Piano Competition at Texas Wesleyan University
12  Joint meeting with MCMTA featuring Dr. Jessica Koebbe (www.mindfulmusicpedagogy.com) at:

Women’s Club of Fort Worth
1316 Pennsylvania Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76104

16 State and Local Piano Ensemble Team Auditions at Texas Wesleyan University
25 World of Music Test Registration Deadline

Solo Contest Registration Deadline
9 Open Recital with Forum at Texas Wesleyan University, Martin Hall
16-20 MTNA National Convention, Spokane, WA
18 Local Chamber Music Ensemble Contest registration postmark
22 *NOTE: Date changed from March 8* World of Music Testing, Location TBA
25 Local Chamber Music Ensemble Contest, location TBD

Senior Scholarship Award Application Deadline
6 Solo Contest at Texas Wesleyan University
TBD State Registration for the Chamber Music Ensemble Contest
13 Solo Contest Honors Recital at Texas Wesleyan University, Martin Hall
27 FWMTA Ensemble Rehearsals

4 FWMTA Ensemble Rehearsals: 9:00-11:15am, Arlington Heights Music Academy
18 FWMTA Ensemble Rehearsals: 9:00-11:15am, Martin Hall Room 102 at Texas Wesleyan
18 *UPDATED* Combination Honors and Open Recital at Texas Wesleyan University, Martin Hall
(Honors recital rescheduled from June 18)

9 FWMTA Ensemble Rehearsals: 9:00-11:15am, Ed Landreth Hall Room B09 at TCU
15 FWMTA Ensemble Rehearsals: 9:00-11:15am, Ed Landreth Hall Room B09 at TCU
20-23 TMTA State Convention, Houston Hyatt Regency, TX