FWMTA History

In 1932 a small group of teachers met at the Broadway Presbyterian Church to organize this Association. The purpose was for the improvement of teaching and support of the Profession. Among those present were: Mrs. Carl Beutel, Mrs. Richard K. Emery, Dr. E. Clyde Garrett, Mrs. Grace W. Lankford, Mrs. Ellen J. Lindsay, Mr. Sam Losh, Mrs. W.J. Marsh, Mrs. Marian D. Martin, Mr and Mrs. Edwin McNeely, Mr. Brooks Morris, Mrs. J.C. Neel, Mrs. Mabel Neely, Miss Alma Ray, Dr. I.E. Reynolds, Miss Jeannette Tillett and Dr. W. Clyde Whitlock.

Speakers and performers from the area Colleges, Universities and the Baptist Seminary provided growth stimulus, encouragement and stability for the Association. In addition, these Institutions shared physical facilities for meeting places for both teachers and student programs.

The year 1969-70 was marked by an increased interest in the Texas Music Teachers Association program for Student Affiliates. By the year 1985-86, more than 600 students were enrolled in this program and more tha fifty percent of teacher members were using the Student Affiliate program in some way. Since 1973, Fort Worth has been fully represented by soloists, composers and ensemble teams at the annual State Convention and has presented student winners in State, Regional and National competitions.

Various kinds of fund raising activities have been sponsored by the Association for the purpose of providing travel funds for teachers and students who represented the Association at the State Conventions. These activities include sponsoring a booth, in cooperation with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra League at the annual OCTOBERFEST PIANOTHONS and STUDENT LECTURE/CONCERTS featuring local artists have also been held. The Association presents annual scholarships to High School graduates who include music study in their College degree plans.

The year 1994 marked a special observation of a prominent and exceptional quality of members. Seven times Fort Worth members have been named “Teacher of the Year” by the Texas Music Teachers Association wh honor members making outstanding contributions to the profession. The Student Affiliate Theory program is named in honor of Dr. E. Clyde Whitlock, the 1964 recipient of the honor.

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FWMTA Past Presidents
*Mr. Edwin McNeely 1932-33
*Mr. Sam Losh 1933-34
*Mr. E. Clyde Whilock 1934-35
*Mrs. Ellen Jane Lindsay 1935-36
*Dr. Clyde Garrett 1936-37
*Mr. Claude Sammis 1937-38
*Mrs. Grace Newlin Sloan 1938-39
*Mr. John Brigham 1939-40
*Dr. I. E. Reynolds 1940-41
*Mrs. Marion Douglas Martin 1941-42
*Mr. Brooks Morris 1942-43
*Mr. William J. Marsh 1943-44
*Mr. Arthur Fuguy-Cote 1944-45
*Mrs. Helen Emery 1945-46
*Dr. John Lewis 1946-47
*Miss Sara Thompson 1947-48
*Mr. Robert R. Clarke 1948-49
*Dr. J. Campbell Wray 1949-50
*Miss Alma Ray 1950-51
Dr. Ralph Gunther 1951-52
*Mrs. Vivvan Harder Johnson 1952-53
*Dr. Donald Bellah 1953-54
*Miss Jeannette Tillett 1954-55
*Mrs. R.E. Collier 1955-57
*Mrs. W. Glen Darst 1957-59
*Mrs. Mary Smith White 1959-61
*Dr. James C.McKinney 1961-63
*Dr. Michaael Winesanker 1963-65
*Mr. Fred R. Bigelow 1965-67
*Mrs. T. Smith McCorkle 1967-69

Dr. James T. Luck 1969-70
*Miss Sheila Allen 1970-71
Dr. Lawrence Hanley 1971-73
*Dr. J. T. Matthews 1973-75
*Mrs. Eleanor Morse Hall 1975-77
*Mrs. Ruth Isbell Bunch 1977-79
Mr. Lee Henrichs 1979-81
Mrs. June Leondar 1981-83
Mrs. Leanne Hedges Kirkham 1983-85
Miss Patricia Banks 1985-87
Mrs. Glenna O’Dell 1987-89
Mrs. Lee McKay 1989-91
Mrs. Marolyn Rippe 1991-93
Mrs. Elizabeth McKinney 1993-95
Mrs. Carolyn Gurley 1995-97
Mrs. Maureda Travis 1997-99
Mrs. Laraine Gold 1999-2001
Mrs. Irene Kilbourne 2001-03
Dr. Jane Andrews 2003-05
Dr. Carole Bruton 2005-07
Dr. Jill Sprenger 2007-09
Mrs. Jessica Koebbe 2009-11
Mrs. Josephine Moses 2011-13
Dr. Ilka Araujo 2013-15
Mr. José Antonio Cubela 2015-17
Ms. Sarah Alexander and
Ms. Jennifer DeSantis 2017-19
Dr. Evan Mitchell 2019-22